Come Home, My Child

Come Home, My Child

李靖惠Jasmine Chinghui LEE
  • Taiwan
B&W, Colour
  • DCP
Asian Premiere G

Come Home, My Child


For more than two decades, Mama Yang, a Taiwanese immigrant, has dedicated her life to corresponding with inmates in New York's prison system. Filmed over ten years, the documentary follows Mama Yang's extraordinary life journey as she tells the stories of a group of people who encounter each other in a world of loneliness.

'This film tells the characters who have to find love despite the tragedies in their lives. What attracted me to Mama Yang was her passion for inmates serving long-term imprisonment. However, Mama Yang's fragile side is revealed when facing her granddaughter's pain over losing her father. This wall of isolation blocked them. The touching story inspired me to spend 10 years of my life filming this documentary in the U.S. and Taiwan.

The film is closely related to the world. There are more than 280 million people who have migrated to live in other countries. In the time of pandemic and the chaos of war, many people have lost their beloved ones. Through the love shown in this documentary, I hope the audience can grasp the power of love from the struggles in life'. - Jasmine Chinghui LEE

Festivals & Awards
2023 San Diego Asian Film Festival
Director's Profile
Jasmine Chinghui LEE

Jasmine Chinghui Lee centres on the themes of family and migration. Her protagonist-driven narratives are built on long-term relationships with her subjects. She is an award-winning Taiwanese documentary filmmaker. She was the first Taiwanese recipient of the Asian Network of Documentary Fund. Her films have won international awards at prestigious film festivals including the AND Distribution Award at the Busan International Film Festival, the First Prize at the International Women's Film Festival in Seoul, the NAFF Award at the Network of Asian Women's Film Festival, Best Individual Achievement at Taipei Film Festival and the Audience Choice Award at Taiwan Documentary Film Festival, and many more. 

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2023 Come Home, My Child
Producer|WANG Yae-wei, Jasmine Chinghui LEE
Cinematographer|Jasmine Chinghui LEE, LIEN Pin-wen
Supervising Editor|LIAO Ching-sung
Editor|GUO Yu-ning, Jasmine Chinghui LEE
Sound Design|TU Duu-chih
Music|Kat VOKES
Print Source
Money and Honey Films|Jasmine Chinghui LEE|


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