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In 1997, the sudden abolition of licenced prostitution in Taipei City compelled 128 licenced prostitutes to take to the streets. Bailan, a protesting sex worker, fell into a coma in 2005. Using intricate takes and archive footage, this film unfolds her life after the abolition of legal prostitution. It portrays the oppression of everyday people by policy and politics, while also highlighting the warmth in relationships among people and with cats.

'In the current era of image inflation, looking back to re-edit DV footage with a resolution of only 720×480 from almost two decades ago was not meant to negate my past self. Rather, it was done to face my regrets properly and attempt to provide fair treatment to my materials. For me, Lauchabo refers to both cats and humans. It is both a cat's name and the name of this group, "thàn-chia̍ h-cha-bó," women who make a living with their bodies. I hope that some of their moments can be remembered.' - TSAI Yann-shan

Festivals & Awards
2023 Women Make Waves IFF
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TSAI Yann-shan

Tsai Yann-shan graduated from the Department of Sociology at National Taiwan University and earned her MFA from the City College of New York. She began her career as an assistant director and has worked on documentary films. She has been working as a film editor since 2016.

2011 Through the Night
2023 Lauchabo
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