Worn Away

Worn Away

陳界仁CHEN Chieh-jen
  • Taiwan
B&W, Colour
  • DCP

Worn Away


In a world dominated by the Internet and a corporatocratic empire, an unemployed individual, forced to enroll in the Empire's Optimisation of Biological Function Assistance Program. Amid the dark age, he learns from others that rebuilding subjectivity is possible, even in seemingly impossible situations, offering hope in a superficially resplendent era.

'Is it possible to create a documentary film about a future world? This question has nothing to do with reality or fantasy, but rather about the fact that at this time, we live in societies of extreme economic inequality created by the Empire. If we do not envision possibilities for the future, then the future will be the same as now—or even become a Dark Ages of greater inequality.' - CHEN Chieh-jen

Festivals & Awards
2023 Yamagata IDFF
Director's Profile
CHEN Chieh-jen

Chen Chieh-jen makes his films mainly in collaboration with marginalized communities. To address the erasure of the people's history and contemporary reality by years of neoliberalism, he re-imagines, re-narrates, and re-links in his film projects with strategies he calls 'making reverberations,' 'starting a second wave movement,' and 'producing contemporary lo-deh sao.'

1999-2000/2018 Notes on the Twelve Karmas
2002 Lingchi - Echoes of a Historical Photograph
2003 Factory
2006 The Route
2008-09 Empire’s Borders I
2010 Empire's Borders II – Western Enterprises, Inc.
2014 Realm of Reverberations
2017 A Field of Non-Field
2023 Worn Away
Scriptwriter|CHEN Chieh-jen
Producer|CHEN Tsung-chin, Tony SU
Cinematographer|CHIEN Ming-chi
Sound|Book CHIEN, CHEN Chieh-jen
Editor|CHEN Chien-ping
Cast|LI Cheng-hao, CHEN Shao-tang, HSU Yi-ting, TSAI Hsiu-ju, CHENG Chih-chung
Print Source
Public Television Service Foundation|Lin CHIEN|sineadchien@pts.org.tw


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