Myanmar Diaries

Myanmar Diaries

緬甸電影工作者The Myanmar Film Collective
  • Myanmar
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Myanmar Diaries


In the aftermath of Myanmar's military coup, life under the junta's terror has remained largely hidden from the world's cameras. In an act of resistance, the anonymous Myanmar Film Collective created a film blending reality and fiction, featuring first-person perspectives and chilling citizen journalism footage.  

'This film is a reaction to the "spring-like dream" of freedom in Myanmar that lasted for merely ten years. It is about enthusiasm and hope of a young generation brutally crushed. Perversely, it is a nightmare that the older generations had hoped would never occur in this country again. The filmmakers in this collective currently living in Myanmar decided to express this confusing, nightmarish time and the state of hopelessness through the medium of film, and weave short documentary and partly fictionalised anonymous hybrid films together.' - The Myanmar Film Collective

Festivals & Awards
2022 Berlinale
2022 Busan IFF
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The Myanmar Film Collective
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