Hands Around in Yangon

Hands Around in Yangon

莫薩Moe Satt
  • Myanmar
  • DCP

Hands Around in Yangon


Moe Satt, from a mixed religious background, captures cultural signals through intense observation of hands engaged in various tasks. The film explores the significance of hands in Myanmar, blending secular and religious perspectives, and emphasising the importance of minute gestures in mundane contexts.  

'In this video, I recorded the hand movements of people around me, from labourers working on the streets and in the markets, to friends and local artists. Do you think hand gestures can tell a story? About sadness, success, and other things? There are moving hands, working hands, eating hands, communicating hands. I collect many stories about the hands of others.' - Moe Satt

Director's Profile
Moe Satt

A Burmese visual and performance artist who uses his own body as a symbolic field for exploring self, identity, embodiment, and political resistance. He is part of a renowned generation of experimental contemporary Burmese artists who overcame government censorship and oppression to engage with conceptual artwork, the body, and identity. He founded the Beyond Pressure International Performance Art Festival in Yangon, Myanmar.

2005 Untitled One
2008 F n' F
2012 Hands Around in Yangon
2018 Tiger/Captain/Gun
2018 88 memoirs
2023 Nothing But Fingers
Cinematographer|Thaiddhi, Pe Maung Same
Editor|Pe Maung Same
Print Source
Moe Satt


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