Let's Talk

Let's Talk

廖沛毅Simon LIU
  • Hong Kong
  • United States
  • DCP

Let's Talk


On the 25 year anniversary of Hong Kong's handover from the UK to Mainland China, directives for 'a new era' promising stability and prosperity are found on murals and public slogans. Meanwhile, uneasy thoughts cast shades on daily life. Old feelings arise, a pressure builds—conjuring distant voices from the concrete, never quite getting their point across. Something calls for repair but we can't just talk it out can we?

Festivals & Awards
2023 Toronto IFF
2023 Valdivia IFF
Director's Profile
Simon LIU

A film artist who seeks to build a lyrical catalogue of the rapidly evolving psychogeography of his place of origin in Hong Kong through alternative documentary forms, abstract diary films, multi-channel video installations and 16mm projection performances. Liu's work has been presented at film festivals and museums globally including the Whitney Biennial 2024, Berlinale Forum Expanded, Toronto International Film Festival: Wavelengths, International Film Festival Rotterdam: Tiger Short Competition, New York Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, New Directors/New Films with MoMA & Film at Lincoln Center, BFI London Film Festival, The Shed, M+ Museum, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Portland Institute of ContemporaryArt, Museum of Contemporary Art LA, Cinéma du Réel, Punto de Vista, Viennale, 'Dreamlands: Expanded,'and a solo-program at the Museum of Modern Art as part of their Modern Mondays series. Liu is currently editing his first feature film, Staffordshire Hoard.

2008 Flyer Boy
2012 Ditchwork
2014 Donkey Riding
2015 Shuffle Cove
2015 Harbour City
2016 Sneyd Green
2017 Highview
2018 Star Ferry
2018 Fallen Arches
2019 E-Ticket
2019 Signal 8
2020 Happy Valley
2020 -force-
2021 Devil's Peak
2023 Let's Talk
2023 Single File
Producer|Rachael LAWE
Sound |LiuSeeLiu
Print Source
Simon LIU|liufilmsliu@gmail.com


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