Bitter Rice

Bitter Rice

蔣春華JIANG Chunhua
  • China
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Bitter Rice


This film delves into the secretive realm of a Chinese juvenile reform school, revealing its strict regulations and severe penalties. Despite the harsh environment, it offers a compassionate portrayal of troubled teens, showing how love and friendship can endure. At Peach Reform School, discipline is enforced through extreme measures, shaping and challenging the humanity of its students.  

'Living together with the teens continuously over three years, my camera and myself became a tree hole, a safe haven for teens to release emotions and disclose highly sensitive issues. A film with vision, sensitivity, compelling characters and cinematic flair, but above all, with a vivid reflection of the social phenomena studied in Foucault's Discipline and Punish, and with a purpose to raise the issue of how can we save those troubled teens before they lose themselves in such a "disciplinary society"?' - JIANG Chunhua

Director's Profile
JIANG Chunhua

Jiang Chunhua graduated from National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, majoring in Film Directing. In 2014, he finished a short documentary named Funeral and in 2015, a narrative short Kite. Bitter Rice is Jiang's feature documentary debut.

2014 Funeral
2015 Kite
2023 Bitter Rice
Producer|Shirley Shihui CHENG, JIANG Chunhua
Cinematographer/Sound|JIANG Chunhua
Editor|YANG Yang, LI Jianyi
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