Broken View

Broken View

翰納斯.維浩斯崔特Hannes VERHOUSTRAETE
  • Belgium
B&W, Colour
  • DCP

Broken View


A poetic essay film on the colonial gaze and the magic lantern. This early type of image projector was used in Belgian colonial propaganda, showcasing the good works of the Church, State, and industry. Lantern projections were an effective way of selling the colonial project to a somewhat reluctant Belgian public.

'This tension between aesthetic experience and the reverberations of colonial ideology is central to the film. In composing an associative fabric of assemblages and collages, the film attempts to map the colonial gaze from a broken view, how it persists across time and shapes the way we view, think of, and speak about the past…. Perhaps the only way to be able to show these images is when they are set in motion within a poetic space that aims to do justice to the realities of oppression from which they were taken…. To mark a beginning, I felt I had to start putting images and words together from the get-go, seeing montage not as a final stage of the filmmaking process, but rather as a way of beginning, montage as a way of writing.' - Hannes VERHOUSTRAETE

Festivals & Awards
2023 Jury Prize, Pesaro Film Festival
2023 Young Jury Prize, Brussels Film Festival
Director's Profile

A Belgian filmmaker, teacher, and researcher at KASK / School of Arts Ghent. He is a writer and editor for the online film magazine Sabzian. Un pays plus beau qu'avant (2019) was his debut. His latest film Broken View was released in 2023 and premiered at Courtisane Festival. The film played at many festivals in Belgium and abroad and won prizes in Pesaro Film Festival, Mostra internazionale del nuovo cinema in Genova and Brussels Art Film Festival.

2019 Un pays plus beau qu'avant
2023 Broken View
Scriptwriter/Cinematographer/Editor|Hannes VERHOUSTRAETE
Sound|Nina de VROOME
Print Source
Marguerite DE SAINT ANDRÉ|


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