Private Footage

Private Footage

賈奈娜.納佳塔Janaína NAGATA
  • Brazil
  • DCP

Private Footage


In 2018, the filmmaker discovered a 16mm footage online, capturing a white family's trip to South Africa during the 1960s. The seemingly innocent scenes triggered an insatiable investigation. In a meticulous desktop sequence, Nagata dissected the footage, revealing hidden Apartheid narratives, and transforming the private archive into a poignant exploration of South Africa's troubled past.

'The footage, which at the beginning seemed quite spontaneous because of its private and familiar aspect, gradually became a striking document on the colonial past of a country. The curious scenes depicted on it, which at first seemed vaguely uneasy, shortly began to haunt us with its uncomfortable frame choices and awkward triggered gestures. The violence underneath the footage material then came up. How to deal with these images from our particular worldview in Brazil? That is the question we pose when we choose the structure of a desktop movie to investigate the origins of this material, whose traces were puzzlingly hidden on the internet.' - Janaína NAGAT

Festivals & Awards
2022 IDFA
2023 Doclisboa
Director's Profile
Janaína NAGATA

An artist and researcher. In 2016, she began to explore processes of manual intervention on film. Her work was exhibited in several collective exhibitions in Brazil, Argentina, Spain and China. She has held artistic residencies in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, in Beijing, China and at Centro Cultural São Paulo. She won the 22nd Visualidade Nascente Award from the Pró Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão of USP. Graduated in Plastic Arts, she is Master and PhD candidate in Visual Arts at ECA/USP.

2022 Private Footage
Producer|Julia ALVES, André MANFRIM
Scriptwriter|Janaína NAGATA, Clara BASTOS
Editor|Clara BASTOS
Music|Mariana CARVALHO
Sound|Gustavo VELUTTINI
Print Source
Julia ALVES|


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