胡三壽HU Sanshou
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In 2022, a highway was about to cut across my hometown. I documented the unearthing of graves and interviewed villagers about their memories of the dead. Their narrative enables me to sketch the portraits for the deceased. As I gaze upon them, they seem to question the path and the choices lying ahead of us.   

'The highway surged into my hometown with relentless momentum, beyond my power to oppose or obstruct. Thus photography becomes a form of rebellion and silent testimony. With each click of the shutter, the questions raised by this rapid construction grow more profound and more elusive. The highway hastens the comings and goings of people. I cannot dictate the starting point of my journey through life, but I can choose where to return. For me, returning to my hometown is a life action, because hometown is an eternal mystery.' - HU Sanshou

Director's Profile
HU Sanshou

Hu Sanshou was born in Shaanxi province. He studied cinematography at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2015.

2013 Old People and My Village
2015 Legend
2018 Dumb Men
2021 The Burrows
2024 Resurrection
Cinematographer|HU Sanshou, HU Cui, HU Kang
Editor|HU Sanshou
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HU Sanshou|


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