The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread

妮沙.珍Nishtha JAIN
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
  • DCP

The Golden Thread


Outside Kolkata, a few jute mills crank on, virtually unchanged since the Industrial Revolution. Powered by steam and sweat, work is a dance to the rhythms of the century-old machines. The film follows the weft and warp of jute work, weaving the ‘fibre of the future’ with the dreams and desperations of its workers.  

'I've used the concept of 'multiple pluralism' approaching the film from many sides to create a multi-layered picture of the century-old jute factories and the surrounding townships. When the relentless mechanical activity comes to a standstill, even if briefly, it releases the despairs or dreams of the workers, but not without humour or surprise. And we are left with images of sheer tenacity, dignity and resourcefulness of the working class. This is my cinematic ode to the unsung heroes who have built our nation, but today they are forgotten, discarded just as the eco-friendly jute fibre which they weave into textiles for our sustainable living.' - Nishtha JAIN

Festivals & Awards
2022 IDFA
2023 Zurich Film Festival
Director's Profile
Nishtha JAIN

An internationally-recognized filmmaker based in Mumbai best known for Gulabi Gang (2012), Lakshmi and Me (2007) and City of Photos (2004). Her films interrogate lived experience at the intersection of gender, caste and class. They explore the political in the personal and uncover the mechanisms of privilege. Social movements and lives of the working class have been her focus.

2004 City of Photos
2005 Call It Slut
2006 6 Yards to Democracy
2007 Lakshmi and Me
2009 At My Doorstep
2010 Family Album
2012 Gulabi Gang
2016 Submerged
2019 Proof
2022 The Golden Thread
Producer|Nishtha JAIN, Irene TASKOVSKI, Morana KOMLJENOVIC
Scriptwriter|Nishtha JAIN, Deborah MATZNER
Cinematographer|Rakesh HARIDAS
Editor|Alex GOEKJIAN, Nishtha JAIN
Sound|Niraj GERA
Music|Kenneth ISHAK
Print Source
Taskovski Films Ltd.|


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