Atirkül in the Land of Real Men

Atirkül in the Land of Real Men

賈妮.尤蘇普揚Janyl JUSUPJAN
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • DCP
Asian Premiere G

Atirkül in the Land of Real Men


Only played by men, Buzkashi has been a popular sport in Central Asia for centuries. The aim of the game is to steal the trophy of a dead goat from the rival team of riders while on horseback. Atirkül, a woman with an enterprising spirit, enters this tough masculine world to form her own team.  

'Atirkül, our central character, is a vivid reflection of women's resilience and hope. She heeds the call of the wild, yet finds joy in Christian Dior fashion, and does not shy away from "stealing men's brains." At times, she stumbles, but she consistently rises, firm in her pursuits. It is the unwavering spirit embodied by Atirkül that has inspired the making of this film.  

'Today, regrettably, Kyrgyzstan is viewed as one of the most challenging places for women. Through this cinematic journey, my aspiration is to depict my country not solely through its hardships but also through the enduring qualities of tenacity, love, and partnership that define our society. This film is a humble tribute to the strength of our women and the shared dreams of our people to overcome adversity'. - Janyl JUSUPJAN

Festivals & Awards
2023 Ji.hlava IDFF
2023 IDFA
Director's Profile

Born in Kyrgyzstan, and studied literature in Kazakhstan, Janyl worked as a journalist at Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Prague before embarking on independent documentary filmmaking in 2015. She studied film at Cinedoc Formation and Les Ateliers Varan in France. In 2016, her first feature documentary Letters from the Pamirs premiered at Traces de vies in France. Her second feature The Prisoner of Wakhan is part of the official selection at One World Film Festival 2023. Atirkül in the Land of Real Men is her third feature documentary.

2016 Letters from the Pamirs
2023 The Prisoner of Wakhan
2023 Atirkül in the Land of Real Men
Producer|Christian LELONG, Alice TABERY, Janyl CHYTYRBAEVA
Cinematographer|Christian LELONG, Janyl CHYTYRBAEVA
Editor|François SCULIER
Sound Mix|Martin STÝBLO
Sound Recording|Janyl CHYTYRBAEVA
Music|Altai KAI
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