Crossing Voices

Crossing Voices

哈法葉.葛希謝Raphaël GRISEY
布巴.圖黑Bouba TOURÉ
  • France
  • Germany
  • Mali
B&W, Colour
  • DCP

Crossing Voices


Crossing Voices recounts the adventure of Somankidi Coura, an agricultural cooperative founded in Mali in 1977 by migrant workers from West Africa living in France. The story of this improbable utopia of returning to the country follows a tortuous path that sheds light on the ecological stakes and struggles on the African continent since the 1970s.

Festivals & Awards
2022 Institut Français – Louis Marcorelles Award, Cinéma du Réel
2022 Hot Docs
Director's Profile
Raphaël GRISEY

Born in 1979, lives in Berlin. Grisey uses film, editorial and photographic works to address politics of memory, architecture, migration and agriculture (such as the films First Part, The Red Star (2006) with F. Lazar; Cooperative (2008); The Exchange of Perspectives Is a Dangerous Game; The Big Worm (2011); Love and Progress (2014); Remainders (2015).

2003 Bridge Over Troubled Water
2004 Sand Quarry
2004-2005 At Home Before Being at Home
2006 First Part
2006 The Red Star
2008 Cooperative
2011 The Big Worm
2011 The Indians
2011 National Motives
2012 The Exchange of Perspectives Is a Dangerous Game
2012 A mãe
2014 Love and Progress
2015 Remainders
2017 Temporary Migrant
2017 Queen's Garden
2018 Xeex Bi Du Jeex – A Luta Continua
2019 The River And The Desert
2022 Crossing Voices

Born in 1948, lives in Paris and Somankidi Coura, Mali. Photographer since the 1970s, he documented the lives and struggles of migrant workers and peasants in France and Mali. Touré co-founded the Co-op of Somankidi Coura in 1977. In 2015, he published the book Notre case est à Saint Denis, Xérographes Publishers. Since the 1980s, Touré has exhibited works and given talks in associative and foyer circles and more recently in art institutions. His photographic work has been presented amongst other places at the Bamako Encounters 2019.

2008 Bouba Touré, 58 rue Trousseau, Paris, France
2017 Temporary Migrant
2017 Queen’s Garden
2018 Xeex Bi Du Jeex – A Luta Continua
2022 Crossing Voices
Producer|Olivier MARBOEUF
Editor|Chaghig ARZOUMANIAN, Raphaël GRISEY
Sound|Jochen JEZUSSEK
Print Source
Olivier MARBOEUF|、Raphaël GRISEY|


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