西村宜起NISHIMURA Yoshiki
  • Japan
  • DCP
Asian Premiere G



Director Nishimura, residing in Miharashi Hills Town, finds fascination in the shifting shadows cast upon its streets. Entranced by their ever-changing shapes, he observes how they intensify under the summer sun, creating a vivid contrast. Each silhouette holds unique qualities, seemingly containing the town's secrets.  

'The streets of Miharashi Hills Town were scanned by LiDAR which is a laser scanner installed on an iPad. What I scanned were the shadows of houses, poles, trees, and vinyl greenhouses cast on the asphalt-paved streets. More exactly, the surfaces of the streets were scanned, and the scanned data were transformed into 3D models with shadow textures. Scanning 2D flat shadows in 3D space sounds a bit strange, however, I found that it is a very practical way to make a seamless image of shadows cast on a long street. Once they became 3D models, it was easier for me to move a camera more freely on them. As I scanned the shadows, I walked along the side of a street, holding the iPad with my hands. LiDAR measures objects up to 5 metres ahead. That is the reason why the boundaries between the light and dark sections appear like torn edges of paper. Those jaggy edges show how the shadows were scanned. The sounds were recorded in the town: residents' chatter and cicadas singing in summer.  

'There are many ways to describe realities. Showing the realities from a different perspective is the theme of my works.' - NISHIMURA Yoshiki

Festivals & Awards
2023 Best Experimental Documentary Film, Ji.hlava IDFF
Director's Profile

An experimental filmmaker from Japan, creates works that obscure the line between reality and virtuality using 3D computer graphics. His works expand the perception of reality in various directions. His experimental films and artworks have been shown internationally, including at Ji.hlava IDFF, IFFR, SIGGRAPH, European Media Art Festival, IFF Message to Man, Open City Documentary Festival, Cairo Video Festival, Japan Media Arts Festival, etc.

2009 Walking on the Seashore II
2013 An Observation
2014 Crossing
2014 Fascinating Moments
2014 Gate Ball
2014 An Orchestra in the Sky
2015 Crossing
2016 Last 12 Minutes
2016 Mayhem
2016 Somewhere
2016 Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
2017 Synthetic-free
2018 On the Border
2020 Dear Daisy
2021 Contour
2023 Silhouette
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