Light, Noise, Smoke, and Light, Noise, Smoke

Light, Noise, Smoke, and Light, Noise, Smoke

西川智也NISHIKAWA Tomonari
  • Japan
  • 16mm
Asian Premiere G

Light, Noise, Smoke, and Light, Noise, Smoke


Fireworks filmed at a summer festival in Japan using a Super 16 camera captured images on the optical soundtrack area. In a 16mm projector, the photocell reading precedes the image projection by 26 frames. Footage from 2 rolls was cut into 26-frame shots, alternating between rolls to separate sound and visuals, creating a distinct rhythm in the film.

Festivals & Awards
2023 Toronto IFF
2024 IFF Rotterdam
Director's Profile

Nishikawa's films explore the idea of documenting a scene in the public space through a chosen medium and techniques, while his performances focus on the process of producing a visual/sound phenomenon using analog devices, such as 16mm and slide projectors. He currently teaches in the Cinema Department at Binghamton University.

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2023 Light, Noise, Smoke, and Light, Noise, Smoke
Print Source
Canyon Cinema|


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