Second Chance

Second Chance

彼得・克雷克斯Peter KEREKES
  • Slovakia
  • DCP

Second Chance


Peter Kerekes thinks that Slovakia lacks sufficient tradition and the ability to govern itself. While dreaming of low corruption and robust social systems, he is too lazy to move and does not like Scandinavian winters. That is why he decided to bring the Scandinavian political system to Slovakia.

'I once said in a pub as a joke, that a country that cannot democratically help its development and reach a degree of normality, has only one option: to invite the assistance of a foreign army. That was when I returned from a month-long stay in Finland. I was thrilled about the country. I thought that, if Finnish administrators, inspectors, and judges were deployed in Slovakia, our country would at last embark on the path to democracy. Twenty years ago Slovakia was unprepared to govern itself. With the current pace, we are likely to reach democracy in about 200 years. People are not used to bearing responsibility for their own decisions; we have no continuity of governance, institutions, and no respect for authorities. That is the result of those who have been pretending to be the authority for years.' - Peter KEREKES

Festivals & Awards
2014 Ji.hlava IDFF
2014 Warsaw IFF
Director's Profile

Born in Košice, Slovakia, graduated from the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. In 2003, he directed and produced his debut feature documentary, 66 Seasons, which garnered several awards, including the Best Film Award at DocAviv. His next feature documentary, Cooking History (2009), received the Prix Arte nomination for Best Documentary at the European Film Awards, among other plaudits. 107 Mothers (2021) is his latest film.

1994 Človek o knihe, kniha o človeku
1996 About Three Days in Jasov Monastery
1996 Balog Jozsef, Príbennik 66
1998 The Legends and Morytates of Ladomirova
2000 Zuzana from 8 am to 5 pm
2003 66 Seasons
2004 Helpers
2005 Pomník, ktorý nebol
2009 Cooking History
2009 Brno 1969
2012 Prvá
2013 Velvet Terrorists
2014 Slovakia 2.0: Second Chance
2015 Herec: Ivan Mistrík
2018 BATAstories
2020 Náhradníci
2021 107 Mothers
Producer|Martina AGRICOLOVÁ
Scriptwriter|Peter KEREKES
Cinematographer|Noro Hudec ASK
Editor|Alexandra GOJDIČOVÁ
Sound|Dušan KOZÁK
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