維拉.恰卡紐娃Viera ČÁKANYOVÁ
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • DCP



FREM offers a stark response to the urgent climate crisis and rapid AI growth and a reaction to the current wave of post-humanist, anthropocentric thinking. This experimental documentary hauntingly depicts King George Island's extreme beauty, serving as a futuristic portrayal of our changing world.

'I wanted to "visualise" the mental processes of an artificial brain using the limited resources that the film medium offers: image and sound. The way in which artificial intelligence thinks is something foreign to us. The greatest challenge of this film was to communicate this special, in a certain way disquieting experience, and to create a non-human character/entity in such a way that viewers could identify with it, to establish a link with its perspective.' - Viera ČÁKANYOVÁ


Festivals & Awards
2020 Berlinale
2019 Ji.hlava IDFF
Director's Profile

Viera Čákanyová (b. 1980) studied scriptwriting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and documentary filmmaking at FAMU in Prague. Her feature debut FREM (2019) premiered at the Ji.hlava IDFF 2019 and the Berlinale 2020, and won Best Debut at the ELBE DOCK Festival. Her subsequent film White on White (2020) claimed top honors at the Ji.hlava IDFF in 2020, GreenDox Award at Dokufest in Kosovo, the Czech Competition at One World in Prague, and was selected for the main competitions at Sheffield DocFest and ZagrebDox.

2005 Elizexmachina
2005 00:00:00
2005 Talking heads
2006 Under Underground
2007 Piranha
2007 Worms
2009 100 Days
2009 Alda
2010 Olda
2011 Update
2014 Slovakia 2.0: Rupicapra
2014 Gottland: The Flying Horse
2019 FREM
2020 White on White
2023 Notes from Eremocene
Producer|Nina NUMANKADIĆ
Scriptwriter|Viera ČÁKANYOVÁ
Cast|Martin KOVAČÍK
Cinematographer|Tomáš KLEIN, Viera ČÁKANYOVÁ
Editor|Marek ŠULÍK, Viera ČÁKANYOVÁ
Sound|Dominik DOLEJŠÍ, Miroslav TÓTH, Stanislav ABRAHÁM
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