Brief History of 9.5mm Films in Taiwan

Brief History of 9.5mm Films in Taiwan

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Brief History of 9.5mm Films in Taiwan


Speaker: SU Ui-tiok

9.5mm home movies pervaded after ‘Pathé-Baby’ emerged in 1922, and watching, showing, and shooting movies became the bourgeoisie’s DIY recreation activity 100 years ago. A new generation of cinephiles emerged thanks to amateur cinema magazines and clubs: filmmaking was ‘serious leisure’, a trend that also pervaded Taiwan in the 1920s and 1930s.

The co-curator conceived and selected these precious 9.5mm footage from Taiwan and Japan, showing the origins of the spectatorship of ‘watching movies at home’ and the spirit of amateur cinema. Beyond a glimpse of traces of ethnographic images, travelogue films reflect the development of ‘Pathé-Baby’ across regions. From inside to outside the frame, these footage shot under Japanese rule represent multiple interwoven perspectives of Japanese and Taiwanese people.

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