Ting Ray-yü’s Home Movie (1935-1943)

Ting Ray-yü’s Home Movie (1935-1943)

  • Taiwan
  • 8mm transfer to Digital

Ting Ray-yü’s Home Movie (1935-1943)


Moderator: SU Ui-tiok
Speaker: LI Chao-jung (Researcher)

In 1928, Ting Ray-yü (1901-1973), born in Lukang, Changhua, moved to be a doctor in mines run by Japanese in British Malaya. Upon World War II in 1939, he and his family returned to Taiwan separately. Recruited unexpectedly in 1943, he stayed abroad for 3 years. The 8mm films comprise shots of pre-war daily life and trips, farewell as the war approached, and worrisome group photos taken before parting.   Retrospectively, personal and historical aspects intersect in these images of cherished family memories, as traces of an era beyond the grand narrative. In early 2000's, these films were donated to the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute. This screening shows selected sequences along with a presentation by a researcher, revealing life trajectories of Taiwanese people under Japanese rule.

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