HSU Tsang-tse’s Home Movie (1960-1970)

HSU Tsang-tse’s Home Movie (1960-1970)

  • Taiwan
B&W, Colour
  • 8mm transfer to Digital

HSU Tsang-tse’s Home Movie (1960-1970)


Moderator: CHEN Chia-chi (Critic)
Speakers: HSU Jeng-yuan, HSIN Hsin-chen (HSU's Family)

Around the 1960s, home movies shot on 8mm became part of amateur cinema. Meanwhile, film was not so available in Taiwan and not many people possessed the operation skills. Yet amateurs across the island explored various techniques and handwritten intertitles, thus recording family memories and leaving legacies of personal films bearing their signatures.   This screening shows selected footage from the home movie reels rediscovered in the former residence of photographer Hsu Tsang-tse (1930-2006), intimately incarnating ideal family moments while revealing the purest and dedicated amateur spirit.

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