The Altar

The Altar

莫妙玫札奇Moe Myat May Zarchi
  • Myanmar
  • DCP

The Altar


An animated Buddhist fable explores childhood guilt over killing an ant. Gold and gray visuals transition seamlessly with whispering monologues and glitching noises, reflecting the cosmic realms, power, guilt, prayers, and existence.  

'When I was young, I was taught that praying can get me in touch with Buddha. I did what my society told me to do and never once I ever thought if I believed it or not. As I grew old, I started unknowingly capturing moments where I found Buddha, more particularly, when I felt closest to the presence of Buddha. These photographs act like mantras to me. Each photograph is one prayer closer to the higher consciousness that can reflect our fears, passion, vulnerability, hope, dreams, imagination, sympathy, curiosity and sins. In this visual koan, we can find the secret to ourselves.' - Moe Myat May Zarchi

Festivals & Awards
2023 ISFF, Oberhausen
2023 SGIFF
Director's Profile
Moe Myat May Zarchi

Born in 1994, Myanmar. She is a filmmaker, musician and a multidisciplinary artist. Her short films have been screened at Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg, Women Make Waves Int'l Film Festival, Minikino Film Festival and have won awards at Singapore International Short Film Festival (SGIFF), Bangkok Asean Film Festival (BAFF) and UK Asian Film Festival. She was also a finalist in Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize in Moving Image and won the Prince Claus Seed Awards as an Emerging Artist. In most of her works, Moe loves to explore the metaphysical, identity, femininity and personal aspects through innovative use of visuals and sound. She also founded a cinema magazine and organisation called "3-ACT" to support cinema education in Myanmar.

2016 My Lover Never Came
2016 Splash
2017 From Me/ To Me
2019 Her Mirrors
2020 Freedom of Clouds
2020 Tomorrow I Will Get Back To The World
2023 The Altar
Scriptwriter/Editor|Moe Myat May Zarchi
Sound/Music|Itö @ Win Htut Thawdar
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