Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

卡菈.克蘭切維奇Karla CRNČEVIĆ
  • Croatia
  • Spain
  • DCP
Asian Premiere G

Wild Flowers


My father used a camera just once in his lifetime. After 30 years he asked me to digitise the VHS material he filmed. I was wondering what he remembers.

'(On the decision to have a counterpoint between the images and the conversation in the soundtrack.) A question that is very important for me is why someone who never thought about using a camera takes one, and how he remembers it later.

For him it was a very important moment in his life. It's obvious that he clearly remembers some points of the recording even though it was 30 years earlier; but other moments are totally lost in his memory. I wanted to face the materiality of film with the memory of a person. For me there was something very meaningful in that conversation; him "seeing" images once more with my eyes, in the gaps of his remembering, in black spots, intending to remember—it was like creating a story from scratch even if it already happened.' - Karla CRNČEVIĆ

Festivals & Awards
2023 FIDMarseille
2023 Dokufest
Director's Profile

A dramaturge and filmmaker exploring politics of images and sound through various formats and work conditions. Her video and film works have been exhibited and awarded in various countries. She is one of the founders of Unseen Festival—dealing with revitalization of cinema spaces. She holds an MA in Dramaturgy of the Academy of Drama Art in Zagreb and Filmmaking of Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (EQZE) in San Sebastian.

2023 Wild Flowers
2024 Up the Hill
Cinematographer|Pavo CRNČEVIĆ
Editor|Karla CRNČEVIĆ
Music|Nenad KOVAČIĆ, Ane PAŠKA
Sound|Zoran MEDVED
Print Source
Karla CRNČEVIĆ|karla.crncevic@gmail.com


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