March 8, 2020: A Memoir

March 8, 2020: A Memoir

費拉特.尤杰爾Firat YÜCEL
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  • Turkey
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March 8, 2020: A Memoir


A desktop documentary about the Feminist Night March protest in Istanbul in 2020, entirely created with screen recordings of the event and its aftermath, deconstructing and repurposing touristic and surveillance images.

'It is a film that speaks about surveillance not in terms of personal rights, or private data protection, as it's usually done, but in terms of collective rights. The state and corporations do not only surveille our private data, they also monitor the movements of the masses, in order to prevent people from coming together to protest. This film turns this state logic on its head: we use the images of surveillance to tell our own story, the story of the Feminist Night March, thereby turning surveillance into sousveillance; watching from below, in this case from our laptop's monitors. The film suggests that by using desktop documentary strategies, we can write our own histories from below, with footage that is supposedly state-owned. In fact, it's the footage of our own city. It belongs to the people, not to individuals but to masses, to the public.' - Firat YÜCEL

Festivals & Awards
2023 Dokufest
2023 Kasseler Dokfest
Director's Profile

A film critic and a filmmaker. He co-founded Altyazi Monthly Cinema Magazine in 2001, and worked as the magazine’s editor-in-chief since then. He co-directed Only Blockbusters Left Alive (2016), worked as the co-editor of the documentaries Welcome Lenin and Audience Emancipated: The Struggle for the Emek Movie Theater in 2016. He co-directed the mid-length documentary Heads and Tails (2019) and the feature documentary Translating Ulysses (2023) with Aylin Kuryel.

2016 Only Blockbusters Left Alive
2019 Heads and Tails
2022 March 8, 2020: A Memoir
2023 Translating Ulysses
Editor|Firat YÜCEL
Scriptwriter|Firat YÜCEL, Aylin KURYEL
Sound|Metin BOZKURT
Print Source
Firat YÜCEL|


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