維奧萊娜.安普迪亞.羅德里格斯Violena AMPUDIA RODRIGUEZ
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Blue, a collaborative process with women who have experienced postpartum depression. The director organises a cyanotype workshop for these mothers to create their own images that illustrate their condition: from their fears, dreams, and experiences through the different shades of blue.

'When my mother worked as an ultrasonographer of pregnant women in Cuba, I was a little girl who grew up surrounded by big bellies at the level of my head. Their fears and expectations in relation to the future, embodied in the figure of a new human being, became a subject of interest for me…

Postpartum depression was a topic I always wanted to address, because of the complexity of the subject, how underrepresented it is and the need to explore it. It is something that many women have suffered as mothers, but for which society is very unprepared to deal with and therefore the same mothers who suffered it, end up hiding it or not understanding what they are going through…

So, I began to publish posts on the social media pages of mothers, calling for those who had gone through this situation and wanted to express themselves through a collective film. It was very exciting to see the amount of mail I got the next day. Then, I organised an intimate workshop of cyanotypes in which I asked these mothers to collect memories, photos, writings, dreams, thoughts... related to that time. It was inspiring to see their limitless creativity and their openness and need to express themselves.

For two weeks I was giving this workshop in the darkroom of the photography department at our university and it was beautiful to see how externalising their condition in other objects helped them to open up, to play and to transform such a heavy experience into a creative process that spoke of their feelings without having to resort to conventional testimony.' - Violena AMPUDIA RODRIGUEZ

Festivals & Awards
2023 Festival dei Popoli
2023 Ji.hlava IDFF
Director's Profile

Cuban filmmaker and actress based in Lisbon. Graduated in Documentary Film Directing from the International Film and TV School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV) in 2020. Received a Master Degree in Documentary Filmmaking at DOCNOMADS in 2022. Her films explore interpersonal relationships, encounters and growth processes. Lately, her main focus is on the collaborative and artisanal filmmaking processes. Her films have been selected in festivals such as Ji.hlava IDFF, Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse, Belo Horizonte IFF, Curta Kinoforum ISSF in São Paulo, Potiers IFF and Doc Buenos Aires IDFF. She is currently part of the analog film collective Laboratório da Cave, based in Lisbon.

2017 Roma
2018 La Espera
2020 Neverland
2020 Utopía 360
2022 Shooting Leticia
2023 Blue
Editor/Sound|Violena Ampudia RODRIGUEZ
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