Help Is on the Way

Help Is on the Way

Help Is on the Way

伊斯麥.法米.盧比思Ismail Fahmi LUBIS
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • DCP


A busy nanny school in Indramayu, West Java, prepares women to work overseas in countries like Taiwan as domestic workers and caregivers. Every year, hundreds of women like Sukma, Meri, Muji, and Tari are recruited by local agents, who are then remunerated by the schools after successfully seeing their recruits enrolled. While the women bring income that can alleviate family poverty, are they really improving their lives? And at what cost?

Festivals & Awards

2019 Best Documentary Feature Festival Film Indonesia
2020 HKIDF


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新光一廳 2021/05/02 - 18:20 to 19:52 映後Q&A短片 Login or Sign up
新光一廳 2021/05/04 - 10:40 to 12:12 映後Q&A短片 Login or Sign up
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