Lost Course

Lost Course

Lost Course

李哲昕Jill LI
  • Hong Kong
  • DCP


The year was 2011: In Wukan, a village in Guangdong, China, corrupted officials had illegally sold the villagers’ land, and the villagers decided to fight back. From the outset of the protest, first-time documentary filmmaker Jill LI embedded herself in the community of Wukan for several years. She chronicled the complex experiences of three key figures in the movement, examining an unprecedented experiment in grassroots democracy and its fallout.

Festivals & Awards

2020 IDFA
2020 Best Documentary, Golden Horse Awards


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新光三廳 2021/04/30 - 12:30 to 15:29 映後座談 Login or Sign up
新光三廳 2021/05/03 - 12:20 to 15:19 Login or Sign up
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