Song of the Wanderer

Song of the Wanderer

Song of the Wanderer

楊明輝YANG Ming-hui (Umin Howa)
  • Taiwan
  • Blu-Ray


Song of the Wanderer features a group of 'voiceless people', a part of the indigenous community in which the filmmaker resides. Due to frustrations with work, divorce, and life in general, they are often subject to isolation, emotional breakdowns, and even self-harm behaviours. The filmmaker engages them in genuine conversations, while inviting the viewer to listen to these 'voiceless people' sing: In their songs are their true feelings.

Festivals & Awards

1996 Taipei FF


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華山A2廳 2021/05/04 - 19:30 to 21:33 映後座談 Login or Sign up
華山A2廳 2021/05/06 - 14:00 to 16:03 映後座談 Login or Sign up
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