Tales of the Rainbow

Tales of the Rainbow

Tales of the Rainbow

比令.亞布Pilin Yapu
  • Taiwan
  • Blu-Ray


In the Atayal mythology, the souls of the deceased arrive in Heaven by way of the rainbow, yet only the ones who have the traditional face tattoo would be welcomed by the Ancestral Spirits. Seeing the decline of this Atayal tradition, the filmmaker interviews tattooed tribal elders, capturing their longing for lost family, friends and homelands, as well as their feelings about their impending return to the rainbow.

Festivals & Awards

2009 Taiwan Int'l Ethnographic FF


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華山A1廳 2021/05/05 - 19:20 to 21:10 映後座談 Login or Sign up
華山A1廳 2021/05/08 - 19:40 to 21:30 映後座談 Login or Sign up
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