My Own Private Green Island

My Own Private Green Island

許綺鷰HSU Juei-lan
  • Taiwan
  • DCP

My Own Private Green Island


Green Island's link to political prisoners remains indelible despite its modern tourism. To depict the multi-faceted appearance of the island, the film centres on 3 characters: a local islander, a former prisoner’s daughter, and an artist with depression.  

'We adopt a semi-documentary, semi-dramatic approach to showcase the culture and current status of Green Island while recreating the atmosphere of political exiles detained there in the past. By interweaving the recorded subjects in various contexts and dialogues, the film generates a sense of time and space intertwining. This blend precisely captures the enigmatic ambiance presented by present-day Green Island after the wave of tourism.' - HSU Juei-lan

Festivals & Awards
2000 TIDF
2001 FIDMarseille
Director's Profile
HSU Juei-lan

Born in 1970 in Penghu, Hsu Juei-lan graduated from Tamkang University with a degree in Mass Communication. She has been involved in theater and documentary filmmaking and has recently served as an assistant director for numerous domestic television dramas. She collaborated with director Cao Ruiyuan on TV dramas such as Crystal Boys, A Touch of Green, and Seqalu: Formosa 1867. Currently, she works as an independent visual and theater artist.

1999 《台灣小劇場》系列
2000 My Own Private Green Island
製片| LIN Jing-jie
Cinematographer| SONG Wen-chung, LIN Jing-jie
Editor|CHEN Hsiao-tung
Sound|YU Huan-fu
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